Здравей, свят!

The new taste of home cooking

Have you already tried the tastes “Тиганъ”( The Pan) kitchen loves?

“A single pan is enough to feed an army”, our dear grandmas say but they hardly have in mind the curious story of the French town of Bessieres, where for fifty years they have been holding The Omelette Festival. This culinary tradition dating back to 1973 is associated with Napoleon Bonaparte, who was so impressed with the taste of the dish, that he ordered a local chef to get hold of all the eggs in town and cook a giant omelette for his entire army. Our beloved grandmas could not possibly know what happened in the South of France, but they know very well how to add taste to each morsel and they are proficient in the herbs and history of home cooking. We love this heritage of good taste. We call it The Taste of Home. This message is the start of Varna’s latest culinary temptation..

They say a well-stocked kitchen has at least three pans. Imagine now a history of tastes, created by friends for friends for 22 years now in the five restaurants under the BM brand… and a large number of pans. This rich experience has placed the pan in a new position within the modern concept of traditional Bulgarian tastes and fast food.Тиганъ is the new place in Varna for fast food that tastes home-made. It’s a memory of the long-standing tradition of grandma’s frying pan that churned up fluffy mekitsas (deep-fried pieces of kneaded dough) for breakfast. Our beloved grandmas don’t know what brunch is, but they do know quality ingredients make good dough.

„Тиганъ“ opened at 25 Dragoman St. right across Lawyers Garden. The menu is certainly tempting, with various dishes for every day and every taste – from breakfast to dinner, from vegetables to meat, from salads to deserts. Bon appetit time is from 8:00 to 19:00 every week day and from 8:00 to 16:00 on Saturday. On Saturday the pan will take a rest.

Until 11:30 we offer the breakfast from childhood – delicious mekitsas, home-made banitsa, pancakes and hot drinks, of course. Right after that the kitchen produces lunch and dishes are exhibited in a heated showcase and a cold one. Recipes vary daily, but the overall style is the same: a minimum of three salads, three kinds of soup – vegetarian, meat and fish; and an even wider choice of main course – vegetarian dishes, at least six meat dishes, barbeque and always fish. The mouth-watering taste of grilled meat at  „Тиганъ“ comes from the high quality Napoleon barbeque, which keeps the temperature so high that meat is cooked evenly, well- seared on the outside and tender and juicy inside.„Тиганъ“ will serve you delicious food in a cosy atmosphere, but you can also get a conveniently packed take away meal home.Between  17:00 and 19:00all dishes on the daily menu come with a reasonable discount. After 15:00 is the time for a quick delicious afternoon snack: traditional and modern a la minutes, sandwiches and omelettes.

„Тиганъ“ is culinary history and tradition. Everything that is cooked in a pan tastes rich and different. „Тиганъ“ is a feeling of home-cooking. A taste we remember from childhood. Our  „Тиганъ“ is a concept of home-cooked food, where fast food is about the short time it takes to prepare the food, while the meal’s enjoyable taste lingers on. In today’s fast pace and dynamic life we strive to give our guests the delight that will help them slow down even for just a breakfast or a lunch“.

The pan is not only part of our brand and an essential item of kitchen equipment. You will also find the pan in the décor, as well as in the service. Nearly all our dishes are served in little pans. It’s a style BM use in their restaurants and guests love that. Apart from the pan, as an element of service, the widely popular brand introduces to „Тиганъ“their iconic fresh salads, only in different amounts. All deserts from the sweet showcase are prepared according to BM’s own recipes.

They say each well-stocked kitchen has at least three pans. In „Тиганъ“we have many more… pans.

Eat delicious! From Тиганъ!

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Варна, „Драгоман“ 25

понеделник – петък: от 8:00 до 19:00 ч.

събота: от 9:00 до 16:00 ч.

неделя: почивен ден

места в ТиганЪ: 45

„Можете да карамелизирате хрупкава коричка в чугунен тиган по начин, който никога не бихте постигнали в плоска тава.” Казва го Шарлът Друкман, автор на книга за съдовете в кухнята, харизматичен глас в кулинарията с нейните хумористични цитати. И ние като нея сме пристрастени към съдовете в нашата кухня, особено силно към тиганите, защото в тях създаваме най-добрите тайни за храната. Тайни, които споделяме от понеделник до събота за закуска, обяд и за вечеря.