Eat delicious! From Тиганъ!

We create favourite spots for delicious food

„Тиганъ“ continues the rich tradition of BM Restaurants cuisine. „Тиганъ“ is a temptation that we’ll serve at your table or carefully pack as a take away. We’ve opened a restaurant for fast food with a home-cooking taste. Fast food and slow delight, as taste needs concentration. You will find us at 25 Dragoman Varna.


We make food delicious

Everything that is cooked in a pan tastes different and rich. Without a pan a kitchen is like a recipe with an ingredient missing. Taste starts and ends in a pan. Our fresh taste comes from the natural ingredients we cook with and follows popular culinary traditions. We know that delicious food is clean food. We choose reputable farmers, whose fruit and vegetables are grown in open air gardens on clean soil. Our meat comes from certified producers and is drug-free. In a special showcase we offer selected breed beef, provided by a biologically certified farm for free-range cattle, where pastures have never seen artificial fertilizers.


Because the most delicious steak is cooked in Тиганъ

From our dry-aging cold showcase you can choose and take home high quality aged beef that is well-marbled and has spent between 21 and 50 days in a Dry Ager cabinet. Now you can prepare in your own home a deliciously tender and richly fragrant steak. It won’t take more than 3 minutes pan searing on each side of the steak. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

In „Тиганъ“ we know that fluffy mekitsas come from quality flour. After 15:30 is the time for a quick afternoon bite with a choice of traditional and modern a la minutes, sandwiches and omelettes. Because an egg belongs in a pan, in Тиганъ, as no one oven-bakes an omelette.
Lunch leaves our kitchen after 11:00 and is arranged in a warm and a cold showcase. Recipes change daily, but the style is always the same: three different salads, three kinds of soup – vegetarian, meat and fish soup and an even larger choice of main dishes – meat, vegetarian barbeque and fish. The taste of grilled meat at „Тиганъ“ comes from the high class of Napoleon barbeque, which maintains such a high temperature that meat is evenly cooked, well- seared on the outside, juicy and tender inside.

Between 18:00 and 19:00 all dishes on the daily menu come at a reasonable discount. For a delicious home dinner that we cooked for you.

Варна, „Драгоман“ 25

понеделник – петък: от 8:00 до 19:00 ч.

събота: от 9:00 до 16:00 ч.

неделя: почивен ден

места в ТиганЪ: 45

„Можете да карамелизирате хрупкава коричка в чугунен тиган по начин, който никога не бихте постигнали в плоска тава.” Казва го Шарлът Друкман, автор на книга за съдовете в кухнята, харизматичен глас в кулинарията с нейните хумористични цитати. И ние като нея сме пристрастени към съдовете в нашата кухня, особено силно към тиганите, защото в тях създаваме най-добрите тайни за храната. Тайни, които споделяме от понеделник до събота за закуска, обяд и за вечеря.